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A blog in time saves nine.

When I started this blog I decided it would be updated EVERY week at a minimum, and more where possible. Today is a week since the last blog, so if you’ve been patiently waiting, I apologise.

The band is in an interesting little status quo at the moment; a lot is happening, yet not much is happening. I’ll list everything off the top of my head as I’m far too lazy to write in continuous prose.

  1. The CDs are ready.
    Yes, finally, they’re all packaged and printed and ready for sale. You can listen to them for free on our myspace – rhesus myspace – and they’ll be available to buy at our gigs from now on for the bargain price of £3. We intend to launch them at our gig at The Mitre (December 6th – £3 entry) but if you’re lucky you may be able to buy one earlier….
  2. The line up is finished.
    Joining us on Guitar and backing vocals is Ben Kelly.
    We’ve been jamming with Ben for a few weeks now, and he’s a decent player, dedicated and a nice guy. Expect to see him at gigs from now on, rocking out with the rest of us!
  3. The website is *nearly* finished.
    I promise! It’s taking longer than expected as I’ve hit a few bugs here and there, but worry not, it IS coming.


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Nov 13
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