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Back in the studio, and LOVING IT

Well it’s been just under a year and we’re back in the studio recording our second EP. Managed to leave an hour late, get to Kettering in an hour and even stopped for a calorific McDonald’s breakfast on the way.

If you’ve been reading our blog since the beginning, you’ll know that the first time we went to the studio wasn’t the easiest drive down. If you don’t have a clue what I’m on about, have a quick read: I’m in the studio and I do care. The curse of the studio luckily struck one day early so I didn’t have a repeat of last year. Driving home from work, my back brakes decided to fail. SUPER!! At least it wasn’t a bust cam belt doing 90 on the motorway this time. So needless to say, I learned my lesson and wasn’t driving this time (though technically the RAC man drove to Northampton last year).

The studio has been revamped since last year, so we actually have our own living space rather than sleeping in the recording room (which to be fair was brilliant; you really get to know each other when you’re virtually locked in a single room with no windows for 22 hours a day).  Ben is with us this year, so now he too gets to experience all the goodness that is living in a recording studio. Unfortunately we’re much more prepared this time. We have 3 laptops, camera, video camera, TV, pool table, a 2ft electric grill, tonnes of food and all sorts; pretty much everything we didn’t have last year. It’s quite a step up from the daily crisp sandwich and Super Noodles meals we suffered through last year. The pictures below are just a small taste of what the studio recording room looks like, and Kie already recording. We’ve only been here 2.5 hours and we’re already 2 tracks in. We don’t mess around!

We’ll be video blogging as well, so I’m sure there will be another studio related blog tonight when we finish the day and upload the videos to our YouTube channel We already have a few videos on there from sporadic gigs, so you can  have a look now and check back tonight for more of us from the studio.

For now, I leave you with pictures…


Ben and Rich listening to Kie

Ben and Rich listening to Kie

Kie laying down the drums for Liar.

Kie laying down the drums for Liar.

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Aug 21
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