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Benjamins in Halesowen

Hello all,

Kieran here. Rich has asked me to do this edition of the blog. So, happy to get my thoughts across, I took him up on the offer.

Our next gig is this coming Thursday at Benjamins in Halesowen, so for me and Ben it’s a local gig. Please come down and support – we’ll be glad to see you all, as always. The reason we got this gig is because it is a ‘warm up’ gig for a festival we have been selected to play in. The festival is 23rd May and is being played at Halesowen Town football ground, The Grove. It is an all day event, with a voting system taking place. The winner then goes on to play with Simon Webbe on the night. The tickets are excessively priced – £22 quid to get in on the night – but that’s the price you pay for bringing a proper “pop star” to Halesowen! Anyway, we got the festival by playing at an audition that was held in a fitness club in Halesowen. If we were expecting an audition where there is a table and four judges, which we were, then we would have been wrong. The place was full of other bands, all of which made me and Ben feel old, and we’re only 19! After playing the audition the procedure was to wait for a week to find out if we got through. However, as soon as we’d finished (I think my stick had just left contact with my cymbal) the organiser came over and said we were through straight away and we didn’t even have to play the warm up gigs if we didn’t want to. But by playing this warm up gig we may attract new fans that we would otherwise have missed out on. So Benjamins here we come!

On the setlist side of things, we have been working on some new songs, trying to expand the set. We nearly have ‘Terror’ in the bag, of which an accoustic can be heard on the myspace. Another song, with the working title of ‘Happy’, is coming along very nicely and isn’t too far off either. Both songs definately have our unique sound so it can only be good!

We have also booked the studio for August where we will be recording four new tracks for a new EP. The tracks being recorded are still in the balance at the moment but 3 4 and Hey are definites – Which I am very excited about.

Anyway, it’s quite a long post so I’ll leave it there, wish you all well and hope to see you at an upcoming gig!


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Apr 15
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