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Bored, Board and Spotify – a post from Kieran

Hey all,

kie here. just writing to let you know about the progress of our new Ep, since its release back in November.

We’re now on itunes and amazon, as is the old EP, Narcolepsy Baby.

Bored Games – Amazon

Bored Games- iTunes

Narcolepsy Baby – Amazon

Narcolepsy Baby – iTunes

we’re also on spotify!
Rhesus – Bored Games
Rhesus – Narcolepsy Baby

this is a massive thing for us as it is fast becoming popular with regular music lovers, meaning it’s a massive market opportunity. however, as some of you my or may not know, our new EP is called Bored Games (nice little play on words yeah?), but spotify have got it wrong. all wrong. they have spelt it Board Games! so if you’re searching for BORED GAMES and not getting it, then thats why. but they have been alerted and it will soon be corrected.

happy listening,


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Jan 22
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