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  • In the studio day 20

    Eck! The final day of the recording of Murdoch Drive is here. We’ve been at Parlour Sound Recording Studios for 20 days now, and it’s been a blast – hard work, but a blast nonetheless. So how’s it’s sounding I

  • In the studio, t-minus 4 days left

    So we’ve made it through the recording process. Now we’ll spend the rest of the week mixing the songs to get all the levels and sounds right. Neil is doing all the hard stuff, we just get to go in

  • In the studio day 12

    I’ve tried to avoid writing a blog for as long as possible because, lets face it, I’m not very good at this kind of thing. In the studio day 12. Yesterday we finished yet another track for the album and

  • In the studio day 10

    Rhesus log, star date 42073.1. Today has been a long and arduous day for us all. We’ve been putting our all into making this album, and to be frank, most of us are fucking shattered. Kieran’s alright though. He’s running

  • In the studio day 9

    Studio, day 8. Or 9. Or…yeah, I think it’s day 9 now. I’ve really started to lose track of the days. We’ve finished off two more songs yesterday and they sound BRILLIANT. Today we started a brand new one. And

  • In the studio day 7

    Day seven in the studio. An early start today for the band (I refer to them as the band because I’m not doing anything recording wise at the moment – I was done in 3 days). Rich had a bit

  • In the studio day 6

    I know we said we’d blog everyday, but we’ve been busy (honest guv!) Recording has been long and hard, and yesterday after packing down, we drove 2 hrs to go and play a festival (more about that in tomorrows update).

  • In the studio day 2

    Day two came and went, but there were some strange goings on in the studio. It’s taken us a day to collate the evidence, but some of rhesus are convinced that there’s a monster at Parlour Sound studios. Personally? I

  • In the studio day 1

    Day one has come to an end and thanks to Kie’s diligence, we have the drums recorded and finalised for 4 songs thus far. We started the day strangely enough by all waking up half an hour before the alarm

  • In the studio day -0.5

    So we’re back in Parlour Sound studios, but this time, to record an entire album, not a demo. We’ve got 20 days down here to make the best record we possibly can. After arriving at 10pm, I produced my mystery