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  • Album Launch

    Finally, the long awaited Album launch is happening! Since winning Slicethepie’s band competition in 2010 then the Pepsi Max It Legends competition in 2011 we’ve been beavering away busily, gigging, working, gigging, promoting and gigging. If we’re honest we had

  • Quick update, more gigs and Management.

    Yes, you read that right, Rhesus now officially have management. We have been signed to a company known as DM Management and the main man, Lee Marks, has already been showing us he means business by booking us many of

  • Shopenzift!

    Hey all, Just a quick message to inform you that the rhesus store is now open! You can find it here – For the first few days of the launch we’re going to only be selling one product, the

  • Houston, we have videos!

    The new rhesus video page is live! You can visit it at: – all new rhesus videos will be posted here at the same time as they go live on the rhesus youtube so there’s no need to check

  • New rhesus website

    Firstly, welcome to the new website! It’s been in creation for a while, and isn’t quite finished/perfect yet, but it’s ready for general consumption. The main new features are tighter integration of content, (for example the blog is now part