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Curse of the studio

First of all it’s Kie, not Rich. I can’t remember my login at all.

Lindsay mentioned that the curse of the studio has struck again – fortunately the day before she drove here! The curse, however, has now extended into the studio time. Her bass guitar drastically needed a last minute string change which meant Ben recorded before her, while the bass was being sorted out. However, the bass is now being ridiculously awkward and the internation is absolutely wrecked, so she is recording on the studio bass guitar, which is not three quarter size, but full size! So it’s not easy for her but she is doing well at the moment.

Now, on to my curse – The curse of the drummer!

Last time we were here I finished early and was bored for the rest of the week, spending my time convincing myself certain snares or kick drums were out of time, only to find out they weren’t at all.
So you’d have thought I would have learnt from this and maybe made a few mistakes on purpose in order to lengthen my time on the drums. But this was not to be. I finished my drums in the first couple of hours and am now spending my time listening to the others record and playing on Soccer Brawl (the best ever arcade game!).

So I’ll leave you for now, until someone else decides to post. I am now off to play Soccer Brawl, but first I swear there is an out of time snare on one of the songs!


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Aug 22
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