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Day 1 Filming Catch Up

Good afternoon party people! If you’ve been following our blog and tweets and facebook, etc, etc, you’ll be well aware that our first day of filming is over, and we’ve already started day 2 of the big Rhesus video shoot.

First, let’s catch you up on all the exciting goings on from day 1…

We arrived at the worst Travelodge ever Friday night only to revisit our studio days when we all lived in a single room…very cozy.

1st Hotel Room

Flashback to the cramped studio...

9am and we get to Channel Flip HQ to meet up with the director, camera crew and driver. The guys demolish sandwiches, crisps and coffee for their breakfast, Rock ‘N’ F*ckin Roll!.

Breakfast of champions!

Breakfast of champions!

We go over the shooting schedule, an A4 list of times and descriptions all written out in 6pt font. I shit you not.

I have to point out that though it was exceedingly fun, there was a LOT of hard work involved. Throughout the shoot, there were a number of injuries including a cramped neck, sprained ankle, cuts, bruises, and a stubbed toe.

Unfortunately I cannot disclose any further details of the shoot, but I can include a few pictures. 😉

Here are a couple pictures of us behind the scenes…

The Running Man

Rich prepares to start his scene.


Me being stupid.

Kie in the Big Brother Chair

Kie in the Big Brother chair

Ben's Facebook shot

Ben's Facebook shot

There are literally about 1,000 more pictures and videos to post, but they would all give too much away, and I would be kicked out the band, and lynched. And no one wants that.

I’ve only JUST managed to finish this in between takes of the second half of the video, so I’ve got to run.

We’ll be shooting till quite late tonight then driving straight home, so the follow up blog will either be VERY late tonight, or first thing tomorrow. I hope the anticipation kills you. 😉

x – L

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