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Exciting times…

This time it’s Kieran writing, not Rich.

When we came out the studio I wasn’t happy! I loved the whole experience and the lifestyle it has to offer. No college, no stress. Just the band, our instruments and the music. What more can I ask for? I managed to record my drum parts rather quickly and was left with nothing much to do for the other four days but I was still able to input my view and enjoyed watching Rich and Linds record their parts.

After the studio it was time for the photo shoot for the demo cover. It went well and the finished product looks pretty god damn good, thanks to Rich and Linds. I sometimes feel a bit inferior in the band and feel like I’m not putting in the work but I simply do not have a clue when it comes to making the cover using a computer and making the site. I like to think my dedication and input, when needed,┬áis good enough.

Soon we shall have the final demo, mastered and packaged, ready for our launch gig. We will let you all know when this is so you can come along and watch us.

Speak to you soon,


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Oct 7
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