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Gig report 21/02/09 – The Hope and Anchor, Islington, London

Firstly, and a this is a massive one, thanks to all the fans who showed up on the night. You lot really made it an event, and made me proud to be part of this band.

We got on our coach, 30 minutes late. It wasn’t our fault, we were on time. The coach driver wasn’t.
Still, on we got.

London, google informs me, is 2hrs 30 minutes away from the good old black country.

London, according to the route our coach driver took, is 4hrs away. Still, you know you’re going to be late when you’re overtaken by a lorry and a Rover 416 at the same time.

Mind you, we really should have guessed this would have been the way – I mean look at the beast we were travelling on:

Either way, we got there. And there was not what we were expecting.

The Hope and Anchor has hosted such greats as U2, The Stranglers, Madness and many, many more.
It’s bloody small. That I can tell you.

How Madness managed to get all their members on stage I’ll never know, I had no room, and we’re only a 4 piece!

We sound checked. And my God was it sweet.

The obviously very capable sound engineers did very well, they didn’t patronise, yet knew what they were doing, and got us a great sound. They even managed to accomodate our new in ear monitors, and set them up nicely.

We were supported by Hello Geiger and Hipsters Fix, the Mission babies unfortunately pulled out due to injury, which was a shame, because I was personally looking forward to hearing them play.

The Hipsters Fix deserve a special mention for making an effort, both at the sound check, and staying to watch us play, which to be honest, most support bands don’t do. Their fans are a credit to them and most stayed and enjoyed our set. Hopefully we’ll link up with them and play again soon.

So onto our set, the first two songs were a little off unfortunately, due to that fantastic sound we got in the sound check disappearing. I don’t know what happened, but we lost all vocals in our monitors and through the speakers, and my guitar increased 20 times in volume (wasn’t me, honest guv!). By Big Me however, the sound engineer(s) had noticed and fixed the problems leaving us to rock through the set which was:

  • Liar (Our new song!)
  • So Alone
  • Big Me
  • Hey
  • Intro
  • Basement Song
  • 3/4
  • Narcolepsy Baby
  • Young Love
  • – Encore: Punk

We got a lot of positive feedback at the end of the gig, and will be playing under bugbear promotions again.

After a 3 1/2 hour journey back to Wordsley, land of kings, (not helped by Dave’s impromptu wine stop) we got home. Knackered.

Not bad at all 😀

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