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Gig report 29/10/09 – The Tap House, Kidderminster

Firstly, apologies for not blogging for a while – with the Bored Games launch rapidly approaching we’ve been busy getting the CDs made, getting T-Shirts made, booking gigs, and generally, working hard.

This was our first gig since coming out of the studio, and in a month packed full of dates, it was important we got off to a good start.

The Taphouse in Kidderminster is a well known gigging venue in the area, it’s got a decent size stage for what is predominantly a pub, and has it’s own quite regular crowd.

We got there first, set up and had our sound check. The sound engineer couldn’t quite fathom our inear monitors, but in his defence, he was using a loaned PA.

Our set was as follows:

  • Punk
  • So Alone
  • Big Me
  • Liar
  • Hey
  • The Chase
  • Basement
  • Intro
  • Terror
  • threefour
  • Narcolespy Baby
  • Young Love

After the gig, we got a lot of good feedback from the crowd, and drank ourselves happy on the owners generosity! Good times!

I’ll be posting some live video from the gig on the Rhesus Youtube site asap, so keep an eye out for it!

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