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I’m in the studio and I can’t see….

Ginger Dave visited us in the studio yesterday – and as a result we went out in Kettering, a near by town.
What did we learn from this excursion?
1) If you’re going to play in a generic offspring-esque punk band you need a really good vocalist. And drummer. If you have neither you’re going to suck.
2) Sometimes the dodgy, rough and ready, intimidating pub is the way to go. Sure there was a man in there whose face was covered in tattoos, there was a man wearing a suit jacket who looked impossibly cool and rock hard at the same time, there was a 60 yr old man with a gigantic (and I’m talking Vanessa Feltz size here) bulge in his trousers and the average punter in the pub shared looks and IQ with my Great Dane, but it was the most fun I’ve had for quite a while.
3) Kettering is ludicrously expensive.
I wasn’t impressed when I was charged over a tenner for 4 pints, 2 of which were house ales – but the insult came later on when I was charged 6 pound 80 (!) for a 9 inch pizza from a dodgy looking eat in/take away called Mystic pizza (who weren’t as mystical as they thought – I still had to tell them my order – they couldn’t guess) – Gits.
4) If you sleep in a diesel van over night with the engine running and heating on it’ll use about 1/8th of a tank of car beer (Diesel).
5) It’s shockingly easy to trip the recording studio’s light fuse. That’s why I’m in the studio, and I can’t see.

– We’ve completed the vocals and guitars on So Alone and it’s sounding superb! Narcolepsy baby tomorrow

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Sep 27
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