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I’m in the studio and I do care!

We set off to the studio today, myself (guitar and vocals) and Kieran (drums) in one car, Lindsay (bass and vocals) in the other. We took personal items, clothes and whatnot in my car. Equipment in Lindsay’s.

One of these cars broke down on the motorway and is now nothing but scrap metal.
Now although I’m happy my car hasn’t polluted the environment for the last time, the fact that the equipment was in Lindsay’s car was a massive problem.

Thank God for the RAC, they towed Lindsay’s car the 70 miles to the studio, and thanks to Kieran’s professional performance in the studio the 2 hours of lost time has been made up. (This is why you should practicing click tracking kids!)

Now we’re left with a couple of problems:
Does anyone want an automatic Rover 416 that doesn’t drive? And how are we getting home?!

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Sep 26
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