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In the studio day 1

Day one has come to an end and thanks to Kie’s diligence, we have the drums recorded and finalised for 4 songs thus far.

We started the day strangely enough by all waking up half an hour before the alarm was due to go off. Rich went out for a run and found a nice path around the studio’s complex. Apparently we’re going for a “band run” tomorrow morning. Well, Ben and I said we would join him. We’ll see about Kieran. To be fair if he’s got to record all day again, we won’t complain too much if he doesn’t.

This is our third year running being back at Parlour Studios with Neil, and as always, he’s been brilliant. He’s already helped us reshape a chunk of one of our songs, and we really like it.

After the recording finished, and Neil left for the day, we went on a little adventure to find a food shop. On the way into Corby, we came across an Aldi, a Lidl, a Subway, Dominos, Gregs, 24 hour ASDA, Matalan, Pound Stretcher, and LOADS more shops in this in-the-middle-of-nowhere strip mall. For the last two years we’ve been hunting something like this, and we’ve finally found our hidden treasure.

Working in a studio in virtually the middle of nowhere keeps your mind on track to get things done and work as hard as possible, but it’s like a mirage in the desert to find something like we have tonight.

Well, I think the boys are going to wind down the day with a bit of NBA Jam while I do a bit more research into label, management and venue contacts. Wish me luck. There are a lot of jokers out there. Let’s hope luck strikes twice in one day and we find some decent contacts.

X – L

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Jul 13
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