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In the studio day 10

Rhesus log, star date 42073.1.

Today has been a long and arduous day for us all. We’ve been putting our all into making this album, and to be frank, most of us are fucking shattered.

Kieran’s alright though. He’s running off pure chocolate bar power.

Ben, Linds and I are taking it in time to get our parts down – Neil Haynes (our producer) is putting us through our paces and the bloke won’t except anything less than perfection, which is why we came back and why we love the bloke – we wouldn’t want to be in any other recording studio right now!

On Saturday, in between recording, we played a festival (yeah we’re that rock and roll). It was a beer festival in Oxfordshire, and ended up being a right laugh, thoroughly enjoyed playing there and the free beer!

I’ve attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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Jul 22
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