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In the studio day 12

I’ve tried to avoid writing a blog for as long as possible because, lets face it, I’m not very good at this kind of thing.

In the studio day 12.

Yesterday we finished yet another track for the album and Rich had somehow lost his voice for talking but strangely could still belt out the notes needed to record the vocals. Rich has been working on all sorts of extra stuff, but we decided to take a break from all the music making and Rich, Linds and myself went out into Kettering for a few drinks.

The first bar looked like, and to quote Rich, “A few council houses pushed together to make a pub”. But we went in and it was quite nice inside.

After a drink in there we found the obligatory Weatherspoons. We had a drink in there and then went next door to what I think was a sports bar/restaurant. Now bear in mind this is a Friday night, the place was dead, there was us and about 4 other people maximum yet it was such a nice clean and friendly place with the comfiest sofas.

By the time we finished our drinks in there we decided it was time to come home because we still have recording to get done (its the worst thing to do with a headache) so we came back and watched last night’s IT Crowd before deciding to finally go to bed. All in all a good night.

Today we are pushing to get 2 more songs out the way, but Lindsay’s ‘one take’ status was taken from her yesterday, hopefully it will pass onto myself or Rich. *(Note from Lindsay: “Not a chance, Ben.”)

I know I am 100% biased but the songs are already sounding amazing and I really cannot wait for you all to hear them.

Tonight we may be watching another film but we are yet to decide which one. A horror may be on the cards as we have already watched and action/comedy and a family film.

We will also be uploading some more video blogs and maybe another Rhesus challenge.

As an extra bonus here is a video from the Beer Festival we played on Saturday.

[tubepress video=”13578331″]


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