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In the studio day 9

Studio, day 8. Or 9. Or…yeah, I think it’s day 9 now. I’ve really started to lose track of the days. We’ve finished off two more songs yesterday and they sound BRILLIANT. Today we started a brand new one. And when I say new, I mean one we’ve only played at one gig, so many of you may not have heard it yet, but believe you me, you’ll love it.

It’s been brutally hot in the studio today. So we’ve been recording, playing beat out in the car park, and generally sitting around between takes moaning to each other about how hot it is.

We’re currently enjoying a little flashback to 1991 by watching “Hook”. What an ace film. Nearly 20 years later and it’s still as good as it was when I saw it in the cinema when it first came out. (God, I’m dating myself now). But yeah, if you haven’t seen it, whether 1991 was before your time, or you just weren’t into it at the time, I totally recommend it. Amazing cast (even if the kids are annoying), and the script is brilliantly written, especially as I’m understanding more of the jokes as an adult.

Back to reality. We sent out our newly branded newsletter yesterday, so hopefully you’re signed up to the rhesus army and you’ve received it. If not, get your email address in that green box to the right. When you sign up to receive the rhesus newsletter, you’re entitled to sneak peeks and inside goss about the band. We’ll even be sending a couple video blog outtakes that will not be publicly posted anywhere. So sign up for that newsletter, because you’re in for a treat!


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