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I’m too excited not to blog. Rhesus will be back in the studio in exactly one week. Neil will be arriving for his first day of Rhesus recording in a year. You know he missed us.

In case you’re unaware, Neil is our recording master at Parlour Sounds studio in Kettering. Wicked guy, drinks lots of coffee.

Oh, it’ll be Ben’s first time in the studio too. Now I can’t say for sure, but I think the ridiculously large grin on his face every practice means he’s excited too.

Click tracking has, for the second year running gone incredibly well. We’re all well practiced and polished, so I think Neil will be well impressed again.

I’m going to leave this a short blog as I said I’m too excited NOT to blog.

I’m sure we’ll blog once more before the studio, but if preparation takes over and we don’t get a chance, fear not, there will be plenty of blogging and even some vlogging going on in the studio. So keep a look out, it’s going to be awesome!

x – Linz

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Aug 16
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