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Kid B. The Definitive Radiohead Kid A/Amnesiac Track Listing.

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This isn’t a post about rhesus for a change, it’s more of a fan post.

As you probably know I’m a Radiohead fan. A BIG Radiohead fan.

I class them as one of, if not the, best British bands of all time.

Only one thing bugs me about their album releases, and that’s Kid A and Amnesiac.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both albums, but I feel they would have been better released as ONE album (which was originally the idea, [both albums were recorded in one session and the band in the end thought they had enough good tracks to warrant two releases.] I don’t.)

I think they’re both great albums, but not incredible albums. Though Kid A in particular had potential to be incredible, but certain tracks like Treefingers just don’t cut it for me.

If Radiohead HAD gone for the one album release (we’ll call it Kid B), I believe, with the right track selection, they could have had an album with as much impact as Ok Computer. Here’s my selection for Kid B:

  1. “Everything in Its Right Place” – 4:11
  2. Pyramid Song” – 4:49
  3. “Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box” – 4:00
  4. “The National Anthem” – 5:51
  5. “I Might Be Wrong” – 4:54
  6. “Knives Out” – 4:15
  7. “Optimistic” – 5:16
  8. “Idioteque” – 5:09
  9. “Like Spinning Plates” – 3:57
  10. “Morning Bell” – 4:35 (KID A VERSION)
  11. “Motion Picture Soundtrack” – 7:01
  12. “Life in a Glasshouse” – 4:34

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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Feb 20
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  • Thom Says:

    Your list is shite! Where the hell’s “Kid A” or “How To Disappear Competely”!? Didn’t like those either, eh?

  • Rich Says:

    To be fair Thom, with only 12 tracks you can’t fit everything on, and personally, I don’t think Kid A or How to Disappear completely are better songs than any on my list (hence leaving them out!) – they’d make good B sides though 😛

  • GarykPatton Says:

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  • Halley K. Says:

    Nice blog.

  • Chris Says:

    I think it ends up something like this…

    1) Everything In Its Right Place
    2) Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box
    3) Pyramid Song
    4) The National Anthem
    5) Idioteque
    6) Morning Bell (Kid A)
    7) Hunting Bears
    8) I Might Be Wrong
    9) In Limbo
    10) How To Disappear Completely
    11) Optimistic
    12) Knives Out
    13) Kid A

    About 58 minutes, and a top 5 album of all time…

  • Tom Says:

    1. Everything In it’s Right Place
    2. Pyramid Song
    3. The National Anthem
    4. You And Whose Army?
    5. How to Disappear Completely
    6. I Might Be Wrong
    7. Knives Out
    8. In Limbo
    9. Idioteque
    10. Morning Bell
    11. Life in a Glasshouse

  • 30ahs Says:

    Hey! Try this!
    you could use a 10 second crossfade, up to maybe 12 or even higher..whatever makes it sound best to you..
    [Untitled] – Kid A
    Life in a Glasshouse – Amnesiac
    Everything in its Right Place – KA
    Like Spinning Plates – A
    Kid A – KA
    Hunting Bears – A
    The National Anthem – KA
    $s and Cents – A
    How to Disappear Completely – KA
    Treefingers – KA
    Knives Out – A
    I Might Be Wrong – A
    Optimistic – KA
    In Limbo – KA
    You and Whose Army? – A
    Idioteque – KA
    Morning Bell/Amnesiac – A
    Morning Bell – KA
    Pull Revolving Doors – A
    Pyramid Song – A
    Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box – A
    Motion Picture Soundtrack – KA

    Enjoy =D

  • sha03 Says:

    EDIT: 11 seconds, call it a day.

  • ... Says:

    I might be wrong..

    move Treefingers after I Might Be Wrong

  • easy Says:

    untitled, life, everything, like, kid, hunting, the nat anthem, $s, how to dis, morning/am, tree, knives, optimist, I might, in limbo, you and who, idiot, pull, morning, pyramid, packt, motion…

    not so messy.

  • Dane Says:

    I Might Be Wrong
    How to Disappear
    National Anthem
    Knives Out
    Morning Bell ( Kid A)
    Kid A
    Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
    In Limbo
    Everything in its Right Place

    I included some of my favorite b sides from this era. It kind of goes from guitar heavy to electronic.

  • dachtyla dentro Says:

    Treefingers is such an important part of Kid A. Treefingers is as important to the Kid A experience as “Everything in Its Right Place”, “The National Anthem” and “Motion Picture Soundtrack”. If you don’t like Treefingers, I don’t get how you can like Kid A at all.

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