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London Calling – Rocking the Big City.

As you *should* know by now, rhesus will be headlining the Hope and Anchor in Islington (London):

Hope and Anchor
Plently of famous types have played there – Spandau Ballet, Madness, The Damned, Joy Division, U2, Ian Dury and many more. Hell, the Stranglers even recorded an album there.

And now it’s our turn. Supporting us will be:




And being honest, they all sound absolutely top class, and it’s good to see a promoter who gets a mix of bands that have similar sounds, rather than throwing a mix on!

We’re putting on a coach (leaving from Stourbridge at 1.30pm and returning late at night [probably at 2am ish]) and you can get the coach AND entry to the gig for £20. Tickets are selling quick so order yours now, email: and we’ll take it from there. You can also buy tickets for the gig and arrange your own transport by going to WeGotTickets.

Here’s a quick review we got from Bugbear the other day:

RHESUS- Still good to go, the optimistic surge that is Rhesus embraces The Clash at their gang mentality peak and rubs it up rather lovingly with Jimmy Eat World and Feeder. Would they be great for getting a crowd going? Yes they would…

Now you know you want tickets to this gig……


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Feb 10
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