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New rhesus website

Firstly, welcome to the new website! It’s been in creation for a while, and isn’t quite finished/perfect yet, but it’s ready for general consumption.

The main new features are tighter integration of content, (for example the blog is now part of the site itself), a fantastic gig guide, an image gallery that we intend on keeping fully up to date and (coming soon) a full media library.

Let’s be honest with so much here, why would you need to visit any other site on the net? 😛

Please explore as much as you like, you can comment on any of the news articles or blog articles, and you can use Facebook’s like mechanism to share what you like, and tell the world you like it.

Bear in mind, this really is in tester mode, so not everything will work as expected, any technical issues, please email us.

Content will be coming in thick and fast so please come back often and enjoy the new stuff!

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May 4
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