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New Website.

The new rhesus website is nearly finished.

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re launching it in stages. Firstly we’ll launch a basic version of the site, then slowly we’ll add more dynamic content as time goes on.

The web has changed a lot since the last real rhesus website was up and running, and I intend to take full advantage (within reason) of modern technologies. The problem with modern technology of course, is every time you add something you risk alienating someone. For example, this site will use Javascript. I’ve always avoided javascript in the past as 5% of browsers that visited our site had it turned off, and it’s not good business sense to turn 5% of business away – however that stat is now at about 0.5% and I’ve opted now to use nice degradable Js, if you have Js blocked or turned off, the site will look ugly. But it’ll still work – and that’s what’s important.

IE6 Users, I apologise in advance. The site will look ugly for you – but it’s your own fault. Unless you’re running Windows 2000 (which to be fair, despite being ancient is solid) you have no excuse for not upgrading your browser – I’d prefer you use Firefox, but hell, IE7 will do. The lack of native support for transparent PNGs, the broken rendering of CSS standards, no tabs as standard and messed up DOM model is enough for me to ignore you. It’s time to change browser.

Sorry about going on a small technology rant. It’s just IE6 drives me nuts. I’d happily say it’s slowly dying, but with the rumours that Windows Mobile will use a new browser based on IE6 code, it may not be time to throw away the 3px jog hacks us coders have accumulated. (Naturally using IE6 targeted code else CSS hacks are nasty).


Back to the site.

We’re going to let people listen to, and download our new EP for free. We want as many people as possible to hear this demo, and hopefully become fans.

I’ll let you know when the site is launched – stay patient!

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Oct 27
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