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No rest for the weary

Hi everyone –

There’s a bit of bad news from the Rhesus camp. We’ve had to postpone our single launch that was scheduled for the 25th November at the Bridgehouse2 down in London.

As many of you know our drummer Kie had major knee surgery a couple weeks ago which has put him out of the game for a minimum of 6 weeks before physical therapy even starts. We were hoping for an extra speedy recovery but unfortunately it hasn’t come to fruition.

However, the amazingly lovely Tony from Bridgehouse2 has completely understood what’s happened with Kie and has not only let us pull out of the gig with out any problems, but has offered his venue to host our album launch on a Saturday night in March next year! What a gent!

So we’ve not really cancelled the gig, we’ve just moved and changed it a little, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We’re going to give Kie as much time to recover as we can and in the meantime we’ll be back to writing, recording and organising our (possibly) Birmingham based single launch as well as our London based album launch – more details to come on both of these gigs.

So to recap, Rhesus are essentially taking a 3 month hiatus and in that time (aside from celebrating the holidays of course) we will be:

  • Getting you to vote for us to open for McFly on their 2012 tour (click like here)
  • Acoustically gigging
  • Writing new songs
  • Organising our single launch – possible in Birmingham
  • Organising our album launch in London for March

So though we’re not gigging as a full band, we’re still going to be busy busy busy! Keep an eye on the Facebook and the blog as we’ll be posting sneak peeks of our second music video for ‘Liar’ and a few other goodies!


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Nov 11
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