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Photoshoot Tomorrow.

Getting ready for the EP photoshoot tomorrow, am looking forward to seeing my idea come to life.

I’m shocked at how hard it is to get permission to shoot at a train station; I approached 4, 2 ignored me, 1 said no, and finally, Stoke-On-Trent Station said yes. (Thanks Stoke).

The shoot is being done by a photographer I know, a certain Mark Jefferies, and using Sarah Freeman as the model and main focal point, if it all comes together how I envision it (which it probably won’t!) it’ll look great.

I’ll post the image here as soon as it’s done – we’re still awaiting the fully mastered version of the demo too, will probably get here next week, and the new site should be finished by the end of next week.

It’s all coming together.
All we have to do is replace the last guitarist (trialing a bloke on Monday) and we’re set to make that big push toward getting signed.

Just need a case of right place, right timitus and who knows 😛

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Oct 3
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