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Photoshoot update

Hey gang!
I’ll follow this post up shortly with a bigger, more detailed one, but for now, this one will explain what we’ve been up to.

Since coming out of the studio, we’ve been busy preparing our next ep launch and making sure it generally goes off with a bang!

Plans include a huge launch party at Glass in Foster Street Stourbridge with the physical CD launch, a featured slot on Balcony TV and (hopefully) a music video for the song “liar”.

Last night we had the photoshoot for the CD artwork. And it was an absolute hoot! One of the Models was AWOL and we had to improvise (thanks to our stand in, Andy) but overall the shoot went to plan.

Anyhow, I think I saw a video camera, and if that’s the case, I’ll upload a “making of” video soon.

The hard work begins now (hours and hours of me photoshopping!)

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Oct 9
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