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Pie Watch featured band!

Hello again!

What can I say? First good ratings on Slice of the Pie, and now featured artist on Pie Watch; can life get any better? Well yeah, we could be picked up by a major label tomorrow and tour around the world, but until then, this is more than an honour.

Rhesus has been on a high lately with the way things are going. Our ratings on Slice of the Pie are averaging high enough to make us available for showcasing, and very recently we’ve been “spotted” by a Pie Watcher (thanks Ninja) who really likes our style. He put us up for May’s featured artist and his fellow Pie Watchers agreed, so here we are:

We were asked a few typical (and a few sporadic) interview questions. Each band member answered for themselves and a few of the responses are mildly amusing. Oh, and we’ve put up some new pictures of us so if you haven’t been to the website (, now’s your chance to see what we look like. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I leave to you to decide.

Further progression on the Rhesus marketing front include: first stages of a website redesign, draft t-shirt designs, new mini gig flyers and a new merch stand. All of these are in progress, so I can’t promise any deadlines, but watch this space!

I’d say all in all Rhesus are still making waves and moving forward. Keep up the support and keep checking our gig diary; we may be playing at a venue near your. If not, we’re always looking for new gig spots, so if you have one in mind we’d be more than happy to hear from you, so send us your suggestions!


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May 6
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