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Publicity coming out our ears!

We’re trying now to get the band’s name and music out there to the public, and Kieran has been hot on the case. Thus far, he’s gotten loads of contacts to radio stations, newspapers, etc and has been on the verge of harassment via email with them all.

If you don’t already know, we have been interviewed and played (live acoustically, and a few recorded tracks) on Stourbridge radio, 102.5FM ‘The Gridge’….I mean ‘Bridge’. That was fun and all, but we decided it was time to spread our wings. This last Saturday we were played on Beacon Radio, 97.2FM with DJ Andy Nash We are the first local (and UNSIGNED) band to be played in years, or ever, we don’t know.

They played So Alone after a quick chat with Rich and we got a GREAT response on the texts afterward. Oh, and I QUOTE, “Rhesus are dead good in my opinion…” “…they are just blummin’ brilliant!” – Andy Nash, Beacon Radio. Enough said.

Click to Download us on Beacon Radio

Besides breaking ground with Beacon, Kieran (our official PR to the stars) got us a photo shoot with The Chronicle (who also work hand in hand with the Express and Star. A lovely photographer, John Lucas came out and met us for a photoshoot and chat Wednesday. Took a copy of our demo and said he’d have a chat with some of his venue contacts. We’re not holding our breath as most of these, “Yeah, I’ll talk to my best friend, the Director of EMI for you, I’ll get you an appointment to meet him in persons” things are 98% dead ends, but ht was really nice and seemed quite genuine, so we can only hope and wait.

We should be getting a review of the demo soon, and in the next couple weeks, we should have a small article about us and the EP in the Chronicle!! Yay!

So yeah, we’re still plugging along, and now we’re just looking to start gigging regularly. So if you’re a house band, a signed band, and you’re looking for support, send us a message to and we’ll set something up!

x – Linz

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Nov 6
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