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Rain, rain go away!

Sunday marked another milestone in Rhesus’s road to success. We headlined our first outdoor festival, Ripley Music Festival 2009. It went really well, but like all of the things we do, this day did not happen without a story.

As you may recall if you have been reading our posts, last time we were in Ripley for the radio interview, we had a bit of an adventure with the cheeky pub manager, and the 5 hour trip home, (if you haven’t read this, please reference: Dublin, Derby and the M6 Nightmare)

Sunday didn’t start any different: The boys met at ours at 9.30 and we had bacon sarnies before packing the cars. Took about 20 minutes, but all that accomplished, we got in the cars and began to drive away. We were “heatedly” discussing how Rich didn’t pack anything as he was on the phone, and I had packed all of our personal things; Kieran packed his drum stuff and Ben helped repack the stuff from my car into Rich’s. We get about 3 minutes down the road and the discussion turns to what had been packed. We’d forgotten something; can you guess what it was? Right, we forgot all the guitars. Can you believe that? We’re musicians, we kind of need those, don’t you think?

Yeah, so needless to say, we drove the 3 minutes back to the house to get the guitars, and the entire way back, who gets the blame? That’s right. Me. What can I say? I’m an easy target.

Anywho, we were told to arrive at 12, so just as requested, we arrived at 11.45. What time are we on? As headliners we didn’t go on till 5pm, so we got the pleasure of sitting around at the festival and the pubs of grand ‘ol Ripley for 5 hours listening to the other bands and dancing in the rain.

I would love to be able to say it was the other bands’ singing that made it rain, but when we got on stage, it was absolutely pouring it down, so that would simply be an insult to ourselves. So we played on a lorry to a decent crowd which by then were all hiding under the marquees they had spotted around the area. We got a great reception and many thanks from the event organisers who are keen to get us back on the bill for their next festival. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

You can see how rain soaked we are in the pictures on our facebook. Umbrellas were on hand, but it rained so much it just didn’t matter.

You can also check out a clip of Big Me, (2nd verse to the end) below. The sound isn’t the greatest, then again the acoustics of a lorry have never been known for their clarity. Enjoy!



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