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Recording our video

It’s half past nine on Friday night and I’m writing this offline, in the car on a tiny bluetooth keyboard for an iPad. (I knew I should have bought the eee transformer [Wayne’s World]It will be mine, oh yes.[/Wayne’s World]). I’ve explained this to you so you know why this is such a short post.

The lovely Lindsay is doing the driving and thus far it’s been a swerve free journey. Which helps, unlike this midget keyboard which I’m convinced is ergonomically designed for malnourished children. That or Odd Job. Or Nick Nack.

Two Bond references already. Awesome.

Allow me to explain to you how we got here and the plan for the weekend.

Last year we entered a Pepsi Max competition to win a music video. Ironically you had to enter a music video in order to win one, and we didn’t have one.

We did, however, have plenty of footage of the band messing around in the studio in a giant cardboard box we dubbed “the monster”. Good times. We mixed that footage crudely with whatever filler we could get our hands on and put the track “Liar” over the top of it.

[tubepress video=”MP5hHfS_wTM”]

There was 5 days left (of a 21 day competition) when we entered. We had no chance.
We pushed it out to you guys not really expecting much.

We won. Well; we didn’t WIN per say, but we did gather enough votes and a high enough finish to win a music video.

We’re making our video with Channel Flip. We went down to meet them last year to brain storm. They brought the brains, we brought a storm. They came up with a cracking script and now we’re finally ready to get it recorded.

The filming process is lasting 2 days and costing Pepsi a whopping £3,000. Corporate behemoths that they are, it’s spare change to them.

We’re using a track from our forthcoming album (Murdoch Drive) called The Chase. It’s a fun, catchy pop rock number I’m sure you’re going to enjoy!

So that’s where we’re at. We’ll be updating you live on twitter using the hashtag #rhesusvideo and also on Facebook. We’ll get some behind the scenes videos and images for you and answer any burning questions you may have!

It’s 9.50pm. I’ve finished writing this post, and I still wish I had an eee Transformer. I truly hate this keyboard.


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