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Rhesus Bored Games Review – Rock Pulse

Hey gang!
The first review for our new EP “Bored Games” has come out! I’ll attach it below:

Rhesus – Bored Games

Featuring the kind of impassioned vocals and melodic, polished guitar work that have been known melt hearts and pack venues in the right hands, ‘Bored Games,’ the latest EP from Black Country four-piece Rhesus, certainly threatens to add yet another name to the ever expanding ‘most likely to succeed’ category in the minds of those monitoring the legion of young bands populating the UK music scene. Unlike some of those that share the tag however, if this band are among the chosen few who make their mark and break through to the big time, then, on the evidence of ‘Basement,’ ‘Hey,’ et al, they’re going to do it with refreshing emotional candour, lack of pretention, and through the efforts of a dedicated grassroots following that the band have already begun to gather; while this isn’t revolutionary in style or tone, it is enjoyable, well assembled and honest, three qualities that are deceptively simple to forgo in the realms of mainstream baiting rock. Fans of Foo Fighters, Telegraphs (If you haven’t heard them, do) and recent Green Day, along with anyone willing to cast their initial cynicism aside to embrace the odd pop hook or too, will likely find something that’s to their taste here… It’s still early days for Rhesus, so there’s all the more reason to lend them some support.

Great review eh?

The EP is ready to be bought on amazon (Rhesus – Bored Games) – but you’ll have to wait until the 20th November.

Expect a shed load of updates shortly, lots happening in the camp atm!

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Nov 13
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