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Rhesus funded by Slice The Pie!

What a morning! I got woken up at 4am by my drummer calling me ranting that we’d made it. I (of course) ignored him, put the phone down and went back to sleep.

Woke up this morning and it all became clear.

We’re the next financed artist on Slicethepie, and honestly this could be huge. We have such an amazing album in us it’s unreal – and now we have the platform (and £15,000) to create it. The difficulty will be the promotion and getting heard – but (without blowing my own trumpet) we believe we have THE most radio friendly sound and songs around, and honestly – with the rhesus army behind us, we can do anything!

It took us 126 days to raise £15,000, a little over 4 months, and the support we’ve had has truly been amazing, here’s the graph of our success:
(Taken from the 22nd of Nov when we first broke into the top 5.)

showcaseClick to see full sized image

I really don’t know what else to say, other than thank everyone who’s supported us – it’s amazing what you can do with an army and a couple of ninjas.

The real hard work starts here. And don’t we know it!

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Mar 10
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