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Rhesus Mania!

It has been a great few weeks for us. Since the new year we have set out homework for ourselves and each person has accomplished a shedload of tasks.

Rich has been updating our MySpace which should relaunch in the next couple weeks.

Kieran has been in touch with management who have confirmed they would like to take us onboard.

Ben has been messaging venues and finding us new gigs.

And I have been tracking down 10 meters of black cloth to create a backdrop for gigs. (Cloth is easy to find, right? Wrong. I have finally been in touch with someone who cannot sell me the material, but has told me my best option, as it is what he has used in the past, is Burkah material. Go figure).

Anyway, on to more exciting news! Over Christmas we sent a couple CDs upon request to two people in America; one who is in charge of, and enjoyed our music so much he has featured us on his site with a little blurb. Rhesus on Album Linear Notes. As far as I know this is our first bit of publicity in the states and it is VERY much appreciated. Thanks Rene!

The other person that requested out CD was American author Margot Early. She write romance novels and has sold 3.6 mililon books with her work being translated into nine languages and sold in sixteen countries. That’s certainly not something to be ashamed of. The boost for Rhesus here is that she has mentioned in her next book she would like the main character to “attend one of our gigs”, and in the author’s notes she will put a bit about Rhesus and how to get in contact with us. I have to say, this was a very obscure bit of promotion, but who the hell else can say their unsigned band is in a romance novel?!

So to recap, Rhesus are:

  1. being picked up by management
  2. featured artists on an album review site
  3. possibly being “guest stars” in a romance novel



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