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Spotify? Rhesus? Oh yes!

I love music.

Lately, I’ve been using Spotify to get my music fix. I genuinely believe this is the future of music – it’s basically radio you choose. You type in who/what you want to listen to, and then listen to it. It streams instantly and the quality is superb. Every 30 mins or so you get an advert (like normal radio – hey artists need paying – you won’t find me arguing with that!). It’s a great trade off.

The awesome news is that Rhesus’ debut EP (Narcolepsy Baby) is available for streaming on Spotify. Firstly download Spotify. (They need to get off their arses and create a linux version – luckily they give instructions for how to install it under Wine but come on [and you digsby] give linux users some love!)

In the mood for pop music? Why not have a listen to my Pop playlist?

Feel free to link me to your playlist in the comments!

* NB – beware the French Rhesus when hunting for us on Spotify – just like they’re sharing our name :@

Anyway, once it’s installed simply click on the following link:

And enjoy the Narcolepsy Baby EP, for free.

Pass the link around, and share the love!

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Aug 10
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  • Margot Early Says:

    I’m fortunate enough to have been given a CD of NARCOLEPSY BABY and I highly recommend this excellent music.

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