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Surface Unsigned, Round 2

Hey readers!

As I mentioned in the last blog, things have been on the up and up for Rhesus lately. I think I’ll write it from my point of view. It all started way, way back on Saturday morning…

I awoke to find my fridge empty and in desperate need of a food shop, so I woke up Rich and off we went to ASDA (grocery store of choice; a bit of product placements never hurt). On route we were listening to Radio 1 playing the same drivel as usual, so Rich changed the station to 97.2 Beacon Radio and the first thing out of our faithful DJ Andy Nash’s mouth is, “Up next after the break we’ll have Lady Gaga and Rhesus from Stourbridge.” Naturally Rich and I both looked confused, but then screamed and proceeded to call the lads.

He played Narcolepsy Baby and rated it his favourite off our EP. He even plugged our Unsigned competition for that very night saying, “It would be nice to see a Black Country band go through.” And of course we did, but I’ll get to that.

So it’s only noon and already the lads and I are in the best of spirits, all geared up, ready for the night.

Fast forward 5 hours and we’re at The Rainbow Warehouse in Digbeth for the second leg of the Surface Unsigned competition. Turns out we were playing with 5 metal bands, including ‘Consecrate’ from Birmingham, and an Incubus style band called ‘Espionage of the Loc’ from Newcastle.

Fast forward another 5 hours: we’ve played, and we were great considering our in-ear monitors (the only monitors with our vocals in) went dead half way through, Rich’s amp’s volume half died in the middle of a song, and someone put on a gas heater which made the most disgusting feedback noise imaginable. Yeah, other than all that, we were great.

They called 4 bands, “in no particular order” and we were (for lack of a better phrase), pooing ourselves with nerves. But finally Rhesus are called 4th. We go to the back to speak to Leon, head of event coordination as far as I understand, and as we thought we snuck through by the skin of our teeth, we drill out of him. After a bit of persuasion he held up one finger. One vote. We made it through by one vote? No. The single finger Leon held up represented the place in which we held. 1st place. I don’t think you have ever heard three men scream like little girls louder than the little girl herself, but oh we screamed like banshees. None of us could wipe the stupid grin off our faces all the way home. Semi finals, here we come.

Round 3: The Semi-finals, July – The Asylum Bar, Hockley

Stay tuned.


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May 12
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