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The aftermath…..(come on, don’t bullshit me)

After a solid week of work, stress, arnie quotes and rock, our demo is finished. (Well everything but the mastering).

What have we learnt?

1) Before you Record, practice. Practice, and practice more.
Seriously, would you rather mess around with guitar parts when it’s costing you a few quid, or a few hundred quid? Time is money in the studio – know your parts inside out and back to front.

2) Metronomes are vital.
Can’t click? LEARN. I’ve done 3 demos – 2 with click tracks, 1 without. One of them stands out as poor timing wise. It’s the one without the click.

3) If you’re not happy with something – REDO IT.
Don’t think it can be fixed in post production, don’t think it’ll do – it’s your demo, it’s your time, that part you’re not keen on will stand out and get louder and louder the more you listen to it. Get back in the Studio and do it again till you’re happy with it – if you’ve been doing point 1 – and practicing, it shouldn’t take long.

4) Leave enough room for my fist so I can ram it into your stomach and break your God damn spine.
Seriously, all a band needs for down time is beer, a TV and Arnie. Make sure you watch classic Arnie – the less able you are to understand him, the better.

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Oct 1
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