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The come down gig.

Obviously after recording our demo we’ve been on a high. We’ve also been trialing a new guitarist, so there’s been a fair bit of frustration at our apparent stagnation.

We agreed to play a gig for Nuventure, which would be our first (and hopefully last if we sort out our guitarist issues) as a three piece.

We turned up to the Mitre last night, which to be honest is a massively underwhelming venue, to see a decent crowd had turned up. Unfortunately the habit of fans coming to see one band and leaving seems to be spreading, and each band in turn seemed to play to the people they had brought with them, and when they left the crowd left with them too, only to be replaced by the next band’s crowd.

When I started this game at the tender age of 15, it wasn’t like that. People came to see a night of BANDS not band, and as such band’s fan bases grew due to exposure to new ears. It’s no wonder so many bands struggle to pull a crowd when the general public never get the chance to hear them.

The first band were playing their second gig. The songs were a bit samey, and I wonder how the hell they got 6 members on stage, but for a second gig you have to take your hat off to them, they played a nice, solid set.

The second band Porpoise were decent. They had their own style and stuck to it – I like that. Not every one’s cup of tea, but a decent amount of musicianship and some nice songs. The front man trod on the monitor – which failed to hold his weight and ended up on the floor.  He continued to play. That’s experience that money can’t buy. One thing I’ll say, they seemed to have more people recording/taking photos of them than were there to listen! (And that’s no disrespect to their fan base!!!).

We were on next, and although the first song Punk (which has an extremely sudden ending) took the crowd by surprise, So Alone grabbed their attention, and we held it for the next 8 or so songs. It felt strange playing as a three piece, but if we had to, I wouldn’t be against doing it again.

So what did we learn from last night:

  1. Our set still has enough styles/changes in it to entertain a very diverse crowd.
  2. If Kieran ever plays Morals for Money at that pace again, I promise I’ll remove his drum sticks, mid song.
  3. Our new song has a bright future, it went down a treat.

Following us were some young kids (ranged between 13 and 16). They were superb, I felt for them in a way, they were obviously a pushy Dad band, and it showed. The musicality and showman ship, although taught, shone through – You know it’s a pushy Dad band when 3 of the 4 Dad’s sung along to every lyric of every song – when I started playing my Mom didn’t know any of the words to my songs, and even after 9 years she’s only learnt a chorus or two.

All in all, a decent night’s work.

See you at the next one!

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Oct 19
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