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As you may or may not know, we won the Pepsi Max music video challenge! Well, we were one of the winners, so we’ve been awarded a £3k professional music video directed and edited by the wonderful boys at Channel Flip.

We are currently on our way back from London Town now after a very successful chat with the Channel Flip guys. They were brilliant; very welcoming, funny, and they gave us beer, so we’re all really looking forward to working with them.

The entire drive down we brainstormed a more detailed story board for our basic music video idea. When we got there, we decided to listen to what they had come up with first. Our idea? Yeah, that’s gone back into the ideas bank. We’re going with theirs. They made some really good points, and had us heading in a totally different direction by the end of the meeting, but none of us minded.

Now I would love to talk you all through it and tell you all the brilliant things we’re going to put in it, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy upon punishment of death by small pointy things.

Okay, screw the small pointy things, I can give you a teeny tiny hint about one thing you can expect but you have to SWEAR you won’t tell anyone. Promise? Ok, then I guess I can tell you…an old friend returns. That is all. I shall say no more, so don’t ask.

We will however keep you posted on the blog as things develop, but don’t forget if you want the inside goss, and extra pics, sign up to our newsletter by clicking the Rhesus Army green box on the right. Go on, you know you want to. 😉


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Sep 22
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