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The Unsigned Mini-tour.

Firstly, the new rhesus site is up and can be found here: Rhesus.
I’ll be the first to admit it’s lacking in content at the moment, but with videos, images and more to be uploaded before December it’ll be rocking in no time.

Had a chat with the band and we decided we wanted more Country wise exposure, and as such have made a decision to go on a mini tour of the Country next February/March time. We’ll be gigging in a different part of the Country every week, and hopefully will spread the Gospel of Rhesus to many a new fan.

The December 6th Gig at the Mitre in Stourbridge should be fantastic. The support bands are being confirmed at the moment and I’ll let you know the minute it’s finalised. You can choose to buy either Blue tickets for £3 which allow entry to the gig or Red tickets for £5 which allow access and the Narcolepsy Baby EP. Your choice. Just like the Matrix.

Let me know eithe rin the comments or by email if you have any venue suggestions for our tour. We’ll hopefully have fully confirmed venues by the start of December.


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Nov 18
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