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Weapons of choice – Top 5 Albums!

Rather than any self promotion this time, I thought I’d simply get each band member to list 5 of their favourite albums, if you haven’t heard some/all of these albums, why not nip over to Amazon/Itunes and have a listen? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed – (at least not with MY choices!) 😀


This is a list of 5 of my favourite albums as opposed to my 5 favourite albums (which would be Radiohead dominated).

Furious Angels – Rob Dougan

An amazing album by an amazing man. It took him 6 years after releasing his first single (Clubbed to death) to record his album, simply because he would not settle for anything except perfection. The result is a feast for the ears; his deep, melancholy voice, sitting on top of a swirling 84 piece orchestral backed up by a 40 piece choir. The songs are catchy, well written, incredibly performed and seriously moving. The album has to be heard to be believed.
Favourite Track – Left Me for Dead

Chase This Light – Jimmy Eat World

I first heard Jimmy Eat World when I was 17. Their song “Bleed American” (later renamed Salt, Sweat, Sugar [after 9/11 happened]) got a lot of airplay on MTV2 and I was completely blown away by it. The album though, despite having some real stand out tracks, was inconsistent. A “Pablo Honey” if you will. Chase this light is an amazing, well paced album that plays hook after hook. The songs are ridiculously well written and catchy, the harmonies are perfect and used in the right places, and the production is perfect for a Pop Punk album. It’s a high standard for them to have set, and I look forward to hearing them attempt to reach it again.
Favourite Track – Firefight

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned – The Prodigy

Great Album, although in my opinion, severely missing Keith Flint’s vocals. That aside, this album is a tour de force for electronica, with The Prodigy showing once again that intelligent song writing can be applied to a genre of music reknown for basic, repetitive loops.
Favourite Track – Spitfire

Ok Computer – Radiohead

I don’t think I can say anything more than what’s already been said a thousand times over. This is one of the best albums of all time. It really is. Ground breaking, haunting yet uplifting, Ok Computer drags you in, and makes it hard to do anything but sit back and listen. Often imitated but never equalled, Thom Yorke’s trademark falsetto vocals are raw and emotional and Greenwoods trademark guitar style matured and was defined by this album. This album is art.
Favourite Track – Paranoid Android

The Color and the Shape – Foo Fighters

I’ll forgive the mis-spelling of the word colour. I can explain how great this song is simply like this:
Monkey Wrench
Hey Johnny Park
My Hero

-All one one album! For any other band this album would be a best of.

Favourite Track – Everlong


On Day Remains – Alter Bridge

Classic riffs, soft medleys, heavy choruses what more could you ask for its the ultimate combination. Not to mention that the amazing voice of lead singer Myles Kennedy is complimented so well with the brilliant musical talents of Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips.
Favourite Track – Down To My Last

Blackbird – Alter Bridge

The follow up album to One Day Remains that just blew the first one out of the water. With this album they pushed their skills even further and because they are pretty much my favourite band of all time, it makes me want to do the same and achieve what they have.
Favourite Track – Blackbird

Room on the Third Floor – McFly

These guys put out their first album and it went straight to number 1 in the charts. Their follow up album did the same. They have had something like 11 number 1 hit singles and they write all their own music, if that’s not an inspiration for any band then it damn well should be.
Favourite Track – That Girl

Ascendency – Trivium

Inspired by bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden, this band inspired me to push myself to learn new guitar playing skills and to try out new things. That and this is also a brilliant head bangin’ album.
Favourite Track – Dying In Your Arms

There is Nothing Left to Lose – Foo Fighters

This was the first rock album I bought through the advice of a friend and after listening to it is when I decides that I wanted to learn an instrument. It started with the piano but that was to complicated so I opted for the guitar instead. And I’m so glad I did now.
Favourite Track – Learn to Fly


Achtung Baby – U2

This album was U2’s first of the 90’s and showcased the change that Bono had meant when stating they had to ‘dream it all up again.’ The whole album is pure genius and there is not one song on there that I ever feel the need to skip past. To me it is U2 at their very best and with the new album getting a lot of hype lately I can only hope it is along the lines of Achtung Baby. It is also the reason I got the album name tattooed on my chest.
Favourite Song – Until the End of the World

Pop – U2

This has always been one of my favourite albums, a certain album I can always listen to whatever mood I’m in. From the up beat funky riff of ‘Discotheque’ to the slow, thoughtful lyrics of ‘Wake Up Dead Man’, this album came at the end of the 90’s and again showed a reinvention from U2. This time is was very dance/drum loop orientated. A lot of people put this album down and even U2 said they should have
spent longer on it but I think that only adds to the rawness of the album.
Favourite Song – The Playboy Mansion

The Joshua Tree – U2

This was my first ever album as a U2 fan and seeing as it’s their most famous piece of work I thought I had to buy this first. The Joshua Tree has classics on such as ‘With Or Without You’, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ and ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’. These songs even non – U2 fans have heard of. However, I find the other tracks to be better with my favourite being ‘One Tree Hill’ which contains some of my most favourite lyrics ever written.
Favourite Song – One Tree Hill

Don’t Believe The Truth – Oasis

After having three U2 albums it’s only fair to give another band a chance and my 4th favourite album is ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’. This album, to me, is the best that Oasis
have had to offer as of yet. Even though most people would opt for the obvious ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Definately Maybe’ this album has so much more depth and is so much more refreshing. It’s not just rock and roll and Liam snarling down the microphone. Even though it’s very Beatles inspired (To me this is a bad thing) it is how I think the Beatles would sound if they were any good.
Favourite Song – Keeping The Dream Alive

Together – (The Best of) Reef

Although this is a best of album and is only really used by people who don’t know any of their other work it is a great album. I really love the funkiness they use in their sound, combined with the rock. The singer has a ridiculous amount of different voices (he sounds different on every song!) and he also uses unexplained noises in the background sometimes but that doesn’t put me off this fantastic funk/rock album which I hope one day our band will sound like. (Don’t tell Rich!)
Favourite Song – Naked


Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt

Took my musical virginity. This is the first album I can remember that I was ever old enough to thoroughly enjoy. I was in my “skater” phase and at an impressionable 13, thought Gwen Stefani was a God. (As you do). The singles off this album (Just a Girl, Spiderwebs and Don’t Speak) are all fantastic, but the others quickly grow on you. It is a rarity to find an album that you can comfortably listen to on repeat without skipping a track.
Favourite Track – Excuse Me Mr

The Trick to Life – The Hoosiers

Absolutely fantastic. Again, it’s a rarity to find an entire album that you don’t feel the need to skip through. I saw them play live before I heard the album, and that was enough for me. As a musician you are aware of auto-tuning even in live sets, but I can tell you this, there was hardly any on Irwin’s vocals and he was spot on. It takes a lot to play as well as you sound on your album, but with all due credit, The Hoosiers pull it off without a hitch.
Favourite Track – Cops and Robbers

Kid A – Radiohead

I would love to list a “Best of Radiohead”, but it doesn’t seem they’ve come up with one yet. I’m a real lover of the group, so my favourites span across the albums/years, but for arguments sake I’m going to have to go with Kid A as it is the album that holds the most favourites. However, it must be said that with the range of sounds you get from each Radiohead album, there is sure to be at least one that would appeal to you regardless of your taste in music.
Favourite Track – Idioteque

Twelve Stops and Home – The Feeling

Wow, what can I say? Perfect pop perchance? That’s definitely what you get with The Feeling. All songs are sing-along-able. Even if you’re not a fan of pop, you will always find yourself hiding your shame when you catch yourself singing along to ‘Never Be Lonely’ or ‘Love It When You Call’ when it comes on the radio. If you have not heard the rest of the album, make sure you at least listen to Helicopter. It’s pop with a serious rock solo in the middle; very complimentary. You’ll love it.

Favourite Track – Helicopter

Bad – Michael Jackson

And now we’ve come full circle back to my childhood. I think everyone from ages 21-35 will agree that Michael Jackson is a staple of our musical taste. Even the young generation rocks out a bit of MJ every now and then and I find that refreshing. Well, now that I’ve made myself sound like I’m 60, let’s move on. There is no album by MJ more classic than Bad, it has all of his hits ranging from ‘Man in the Mirror’ to ‘Smooth Criminal’. What more do I have to say?
Favourite Track – Dirty Diana

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