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Walsall unplugged final


As you may or may not have heard, we reached the final of the Walsall unplugged competition.

Kieran isn’t a fan of playing unplugged, but he arrived at my house nice and early holding what I believe to be an Indian tabla drum.

We ate Bacon and set off down the motorway to Walsall.

A short while later we got to the old square shopping centre and were greeted by a Beacon radio stage.

The stage was small, the lights were a gazillion degrees and we were ready!

Three songs later (So Alone, Morals and Hey) we were finished.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt more like Tiffany in my entire life. We played a decent set, but obviously it would have been much nicer to play full band.

The band following us turned up. Full drum kit, stacks the works.

The absolute gits. 😉

We’ve watched a few of the other acts, there was a decent rap/rock outfit, a female fronted lady gaga covering band (big no no) and a talented 18 year old Ellie Lawson esque singer songwriter.

The final band taking to the stage now, then we find our position.

Wish us luck!

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Aug 21
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