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  • Album Launch

    Finally, the long awaited Album launch is happening! Since winning Slicethepie’s band competition in 2010 then the Pepsi Max It Legends competition in 2011 we’ve been beavering away busily, gigging, working, gigging, promoting and gigging. If we’re honest we had

  • Single Launch for ‘Liar’!!

    Hey everyone, We’ve finally got a date for our single launch for Liar which is featured on our upcoming album, Murdoch Drive! We’ll be playing a gig at Vagabonds in Brierley Hill on Saturday the 9th of June. Check out

  • No rest for the weary

    Hi everyone – There’s a bit of bad news from the Rhesus camp. We’ve had to postpone our single launch that was scheduled for the 25th November at the Bridgehouse2 down in London. As many of you know our drummer

  • Music Video #2!!

    Hey everyone! If you follow us on Facebook you’ll have noticed a few old, eh-hem, Victorian photos popping up. This is because this past weekend we filmed a new music video for our second single, ‘Liar’ off our upcoming album,

  • Rhesus Sabbatical

    Hey Gang, As you may or may not have noticed, there has been a few gigs taken off the calendar lately. There is a reason for this. I have got an operation tomorrow on my knee to reconstruct the ligaments.

  • Quick update, more gigs and Management.

    Yes, you read that right, Rhesus now officially have management. We have been signed to a company known as DM Management and the main man, Lee Marks, has already been showing us he means business by booking us many of

  • Day 1 Filming Catch Up

    Good afternoon party people! If you’ve been following our blog and tweets and facebook, etc, etc, you’ll be well aware that our first day of filming is over, and we’ve already started day 2 of the big Rhesus video shoot.

  • Recording our video

    It’s half past nine on Friday night and I’m writing this offline, in the car on a tiny bluetooth keyboard for an iPad. (I knew I should have bought the eee transformer [Wayne’s World]It will be mine, oh yes.[/Wayne’s World]).

  • The Magical Channel Flip

    HELLO AGAIN!! As you may or may not know, we won the Pepsi Max music video challenge! Well, we were one of the winners, so we’ve been awarded a £3k professional music video directed and edited by the wonderful boys

  • Walsall unplugged final

    As you may or may not have heard, we reached the final of the Walsall unplugged competition. Kieran isn’t a fan of playing unplugged, but he arrived at my house nice and early holding what I believe to be an